Adding A Touch Of Beauty To Any Room

October 07, 2016 2 min read

We view our homes as a haven and a place to get away from the worries of the world. It should be beautiful, relaxing and well planned for us to get the most really out of our surroundings and build the sort of environment where our families and we thrive. So combining a few touches of beauty in each room should be our aim, and it’s not actually as difficult or costly as we may think.

Oak Furniture Room

So today, I thought I’d share eight ideas to produce beautiful moments in your home that don’t test your budget and are easy to accomplish. Shall we get started?

Plants And Flowers

It’s finally the time of year when I can finally step into my small garden and choose from some fresh blooms and branches to brighten my home. Having life around your house by way of plants and flowers is an excellent way to deliver the beauty of nature indoors. If you lack a garden, a reasonable bouquet from the supermarket can be split up, settled into small containers and arranged in various areas.

Organise Your Books

It may appear strange, and book lovers may consider it a bit OTT, but organising your books by the colour of their jacket can make any bookcase look well planned out and pulled together.

Display Moments

Any well-styled space will have thought behind those precious little items we like to keep on display. Only covering surfaces with these things will never look as lovely as when they are more considered. Alternate your heights, sizes and textures for the most attractive displays and use books to give height, A few flowers never go amiss.

Collect Art You Adore

Being encompassed by art you love rather than just choosing pieces that match a colour scheme is a brilliant way to inject personality into space and the investment will never be wasted if you enjoy it. Consider a feature wall to create energy over a large span of space.

Sense Of Smell

When decorating, it’s so necessary to engage all the senses, but the one that’s frequently forgotten is our sense of smell. Adding room scents has the power to change the whole spirit of space, so consider an aromatic candle, burning oils or incense. Even a small lavender essential oil on cotton wool rubbed on light bulbs will release a wonderful relaxing scent.

Book Shelves

While shelving is a fabulous way to keep organised, create elegance in your home by using beautiful boxes and baskets and leave small bits of room throughout the shelves to inject personal objects that give a space character.

Make Your Bed

This is such an easy one, but multiple people neglect to do it in the dash to get out the house in the morning. Making your bed immediately creates an organised air to your room and it’s something I try to do every single day.

Inject Some Colour

Want to brighten up a neutral space? The easiest way to achieve this is by adding small suggestions of colour. You don’t have to have a rainbow of tones to make a beautiful space. Keep to a limited palette, consider adding a few accessories to complement the overall feel you're going for.

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