Easily Add Value To Your Home

September 21, 2016 2 min read

When selling a home, there are always a few things you can do that will mean for a quick sale. However, if you are contemplating putting your house on the market, your funds could be limited – buying and selling can be a pricey undertaking, and everyone’s pockets are a bit strained. However, there are a couple of things you can do that will add value to your house without needing to remodel completely or spend a tremendous amount of money. For less than a couple of hundred pounds at the most, these additions will make your home look far more appealing, and appear more valuable so whether you are planning to sell or you’re even staying put, why not try some ideas and see what you think?


A tin of paint Adding value to your home is very affordable and with a few hours of work, you can totally transform the look and feel of a room. Consider repainting your kitchen cupboards into something more trendy such as white, black or any shades of grey and replace the handles for a refreshed look.


Consider swapping out the taps in your kitchen or bathroom for a fresh look that will give your room an instant update. Be sure to find a new tap that will use any existing holes so you don’t need to create new ones but look for enhanced models with pull-out sprayers or hot-water taps for a chic style that will also increase the functionality of your bath or kitchen.


Replacing doorknobs or replacing the device on your front door with high-quality hardware gives a home a feeling of safety and adds that extra detail that buyers will not look for but will notice when inspecting a property. The Higher quality hardware feels great in your hand and will feel more satisfactorily weight, and strong – a little detail like this can reassure a buyer that they are buying a quality house.

Wall Panels and Trimwork

If you live in a period property, with the original characteristics removed or if you live in a slightly newer property where they were never introduced, consider adding coving, skirting boards and architrave to rooms that lack these details. For period features, consider adding simple wall panels to make the walls a feature. Lengths of wood trim aren't expensive but can go a long way in creating a beautiful and aspirational look in your home.

Swap Out Your Curtains

If you have thick dark curtains by your windows, consider swapping them for airy fabrics or a thinner lighter material. This will take advantage of any light you may get in the space, and we all know that light, welcoming and airy rooms are on every buyer’s wish list.

The Illusion Of A Larger Room

While we all love the thought of knocking down walls and adding extensions, that’s not always the most practical idea nor is it something that’s often within budget. However, there is the often used trick of doubling the depth of space with mirrors. Consider upgrading a small room with a mirror to make it look bigger and brighter.

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