Finishes Used On Oak Furniture

February 17, 2022 2 min read

Finishing is probably one of the essential components of an attractive item of wood furniture. There is a broad array of various finishes available on the wooden furniture retail business today. It can be quite daunting to make understanding of all the various finishes and their comparative advantages and downfalls. Oak Village only uses the highest quality finishes. Here are some of the most popular finishes of hardwood furniture with a little data concerning the pros and cons of each.

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Danish Oil

Various people think that Oak FinishesDanish Oil is a finish that penetrates deeply into the wood. This, but, is not true. The oil does penetrate somewhat deeper than other finishes but not to the degree many people believe it does. It is essential that Danish Oil can penetrate the wood efficiently to produce an exceptional quality of finish. This signifies that if your hardwood furniture has been earlier done with either lacquer or paint, Danish Oil will not be an efficient method of completing that item. Danish Oil is the best product for giving a beautiful natural finish to your Oak furniture. It has a soft shine to it, rather than the high gloss that lacquers produce. This has several benefits, in that it doesn’t show up fingerprints or dust, and should the wood be damaged it is easy to repair for amateurs and experts alike, as all that’s needed is a light sanding and reapplication. A lacquered surface, by contrast, will need the whole piece stripping and refinishing – a very costly job that should only be tried by a trained professional.


Beeswax is a natural way of perfecting wood furniture. It can be used on practically every type of wood used for furniture, but is most efficient on hardwood furniture, such as mango. It will produce a perfect, highly attractive finish which also serves as a protecting layer which will assist to keep your furniture looking its best no matter what. Beeswax is an excellent product for people worried about the environment as it is completely natural and free from any harmful chemicals which can often be seen in household products, like polishes. Beeswax can be used very sparsely as only a little amount is needed to achieve the fancied effect. It is also great at revitalising distressed wood. Wax brings out the beautiful grain of the wood and produces a beautifully tactile silky smooth finish.

Sprayed Lacquer

Sprayed lacquer delivers 100% adhesion with underlying layers meaning that it seals the wood and produces a high gloss surface. At first, this may sound very desirable; but it does have its downsides: it can be easily scratched and the smallest marks or fingerprints will be noticeable, making it a high maintenance surface. This can be protected by mats, cloths, etc., but what’s the point of having beautiful hardwood furniture if you have to hide it away?

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