How To Create More Space In Your Bathroom

September 30, 2016 2 min read

If like me, you have a tiny bathroom in your home. And you’ll be continually looking for ways to help produce the illusion that it’s larger. You’ll be wanting to maximise storage, add detail and exciting features and make it light and warming, all while trying to keep its function and practicality. It’s not always a simple task but I’ve had lots of practice with this over the past years so thought I’d share some of my tried and tested methods to help you!


Colour can Large bathroom make a tremendous difference, and not just the colour but the kind of colour as well. For smaller rooms, where light is sometimes a problem maybe invest in some light reflecting paint. That sort of colour uses a light-reflective technology to reflect light back into the room. Light reflective particles can reflect up to twice as much light, making space seem brighter and more spacious.


This has to be the best trick you can use. Along with the special paint above, bound light around the space with the use of mirrors. Position the biggest one you can see over your sink or vanity unit to give an illusion of extra space and reflect as much of the light as possible. Even if the room is quite dark, this trick can make a huge difference.


If the bathroom is rather small, you might think you need to buy smaller tiles, but you would be mistaken! The smaller space, the larger your tiles you will want. Instead of breaking up space with a minor detail you enable the room to feel bigger with the adding of more important pieces. Use tiles ideally in one colour or style across the whole room. Give the space a more continuous flow, and you’ll soon see how you’ve made your room feel bigger.


A difficult one and something that is entirely personal. Many people would tell you to avoid darker colours, and in theory, this is pretty accurate. Lighter colours, pastels to tie into this year’s trends, will free up the room, but if you feel you need some impact with colour don’t be scared to add some drama with an accent. Perhaps some dark green or blue, as long as you use some of the other tricks I’ve mentioned above it won’t feel too claustrophobic with your decision.


Everything needs a home in a small bathroom, and the way to achieve this is by smart storage. Even if you can only fit a small cabinet, or maybe some shelves. It will all be welcome and extremely useful, and help to keep your small room feeling neat and tidy.


This is vital. Every few weeks go through your bathroom belongings and throw out anything old and unused. Reorganise, using your storage more efficiently to guarantee your small room doesn’t become overcrowded. The more streamlined, the more you’ll be able to maintain that feeling of calm.

Get Creative

With small rooms, particularly bathrooms, you need to get creative and use your imagination. Use pieces that you wouldn’t usually use for space or function, add colour/storage in ways you might not usually, and create a space that works for you and your family, no matter how big or small space is.

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